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The Best Books of 2018

December 21, 2018

Here it is! The mega list of best books of 2018. We break down the best books we read in each category. 


How do you like to read? Reading habits, trends, and paper vs. plastic when it comes to books (0:00)


Christian Books (12:45)



History, Biography, and Politics (19:14)



Academic (39:22)



Commentaries (51:44)



Most Overrated Books (55:08)



Leadership and Business (1:07:43)



A Hilarious Conversation About Faxing (1:08:15)


Fiction (1:09:24)


Top 5 Lists (1:15:13)


Terry’s Picks:

The Work of Theology - Stanley Hauerwas

Lectures to My Students - Charles Spurgeon

Love Thy Body - Nancy Pearcey

Deep Work - Cal Newport

Napoleon - Paul Johnson


Cole’s Picks:

Revelation - Peter Leithart

Fooled By Randomness - Nassim Taleb

Spurgeon on the Christian Life - Matthew Barrett

Paul and the Faithfulness of God - N.T. Wright

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight


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